Friday, July 08, 2005

Bin Laden aint no dummy

MSNBC.COM -- Evil, to be sure, but no small mind on that one. One thing the article mentions is that Bin Laden takes credit for the Soviet Union's fall by suggesting that it was the war in Afghanistan that bankrupted the union, and that they're now trying to do the same thing in Iraq to the United States. More...

This is a really good article, but there's one thing about it that scares me. As the world looks more and more to these smaller London and Madrid bombings and whether or not they can be predicted and stopped, and that the general consensus is that Al Qaeda doesn't feel the need to top itself, as it has in the past, that maybe it still does and that these smaller attacks serve as a diversion so that we miss the fact that another, larger 9/11 is still to come.
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