Thursday, July 14, 2005

Oh, great.

Wonderful that the shot until morning is half of my stomach as I stood in front of the computer to turn it off as I was running out the door. Ironic and lame.

I had cookies today at a birthday party for my stupid boss. I only wrote "Happy Birthday" in the card and put my name. And I didn't sing or hang out much for the party. This morning we got in an argument because we're offering something new to one group, while it's the other group that's been asking for it, and he says we're not going to offer it to them yet.

My colleague summed it up best when he said "You don't tell someone they can't have a hamburger because you don't serve hamburgers until 10:30 am and then go behind the counter and grill one up for yourself and eat it in front of them."

Every day my colleague and I waste so much time fantasizing about quitting. Although I'm not sure if he's being serious or not. I know he's at least half-way serious. He's lucky, that boss isn't his boss. My other boss is his boss. My other boss shows up in the office for maybe 20-60 minutes a week, spends most of that time on the phone working on consulting gigs and always leaves us hanging because he doesn't fully trust us, so all of our tasks are waiting for him to finish stuff. But his wife's a flight attendant, so he gets free flights, and he buys alot of stuff for work on his own credit card and gets reimbursed but gets to keep the Hilton points, so he's always flying places and stuff and we never know where he is. And his boss is completely oblivious to that fact. It's pretty annoying.

So I don't know how serious my colleague is, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some truth to it. Of course, the flipside is true... he probably doesn't know how serious I am or not, either.

So we laugh and think how wonderful it would be to work anywhere, elsewhere, but our laughter is a little nervous because we both know it would be a fate worse than death if one of the two of us remained and the other was gone. We're what gets stuff done and makes sure the other two in the department get stuff done, since our boss doesn't care.
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