Friday, July 08, 2005

Holy Cow

Just saw Supersize Me. Wow, an eye-opener. Makes me want to walk to the store and buy some fruit, though I probably would only get as far as the Jack 'n the Box where I'd order a large orange soda. Sorry, sad but true, especially now that the fast food places take credit cards. Grocery store is about two miles from here, I've walked it before and just purchased water. Safeway still owes me 50 cents. I didn't have the club card with me and they couldn't locate it with any of the phone numbers I gave and they wouldn't just key in their own like they do at Ralphs and Albertsons. Stingy Pavillions jerks.

Anyhow, yeah, I think we should keep that on the DVR as a reminder. We are starting a version of the pregnancy diabetes preventing diet in two weeks, but next week I'm going back to my diet as well.
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