Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 30 (Final)

Sunday evening - The rest of this week went poorly. We've been sick, there's been other stuff going on, it just basically all went to heck, to put it nicely.  This is too messed up to easily recover from and I still really don't feel good.

  • Family/Schedule: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Simplification:
  • Reading: The Lacey Confession; The Typographical Elements of Style; Consumer Reports Oct. 2013
This Week:
  • Total: 162 completed (220 200 180 155 131 total goal remaining)
  • Sunday: 36 completed, 3 postponed (35 planned of 40 carried from last week)
  • Monday: 27 completed, 2 postponed (30 29 planned)
  • Tuesday: 34 completed, 4 postponed (25 32 35 planned)
  • Wednesday: 31 completed, 8 postponed (30 31 32 36 planned)
  • Thursday: 18 completed, x postponed (25 27 32 37 planned)
  • Friday: x completed, x postponed (20 24 planned)
  • Saturday: 16 completed, x postponed (30 33 34 35 38 planned)
  • Sunday: 28 completed, x postponed (25 30 32 planned)
Wednesday evening - This week is going by quickly.  I think.  8 postponed but that's OK.

Tuesday evening - Tuesday? Already? I think that's good. Family over for dinner, that was nice. Children did well. Sat at the nice table. Tasty pasta dish. Hoping that's what I get for lunch tomorrow. Got all but four things done - paying Rachel for her chores (she had a streak of 12 days before she gave up), reviewing our budget, brushing the cats and writing a blog post.

Monday evening - I printed out the list last night for today. That helped. Got all but two things done - reading from Consumer Reports and writing a blog post.

Sunday evening - Got almost everything done that I wanted to.  (Didn't watch a TED Talk, do a blog post or update Lose-It, but that last one was more about a day where I failed my diet due to lunch with friends and less about not actually getting it done.)  My secret might just have been printing out my list. Of course, I said that about my "nice-to-have" list and it didn't help there.

Sunday afternoon - New week. Not going to be all gung-ho, last week wasn't great as far as getting stuff done.  So will try to temper my expectations for this week.

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