Monday, October 07, 2013

Feed Sift

Five links I wanted to pass along.


Oxford Dictionary adds “twerk,” “derp,” “selfie,” “phablet,” and more voguish vocabulary
I've heard the Oxford Dictionary described as a mainstream version of the Urban Dictionary. One wonders if maybe they're just a delayed version? (


Scuff-Proof Shoes - How do you make scuff-proof shoes? This really isn't about shoes. (Seth Godin)


“Vanity Height” added to more skyscrapers - more and more tall buildings being built even taller with unusable space. Interesting stats. (SeattleScape)


Better Get a Shotgun? - Why are we sexualizing children? (Inductive Parenting)


From Hospital to Hotel - Why aren't hospitals held to the same standard as hotels? (Real Leaders)

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