Monday, October 21, 2013


I try stay away from too much that's political - for the most part, politics frustrate me - I don't think we're getting these days what was intended when this country was founded.

But I can't resist this.  Jim Ferrell has been a fixture in Federal Way politics for some time now, either as a council member or as the deputy mayor.  I don't know much about him, but if this is expressing dissatisfaction with the status quo, then he needs to be counting himself in that.

So when I see signs like this, it's embarrassing and frustrating. First off, it's a weak slogan. Just about as weak as "It's All Within Reach" (which implies "None of it is here.")

What on earth does "We Can Do Better!" even mean? It's not authoritative, it's not firm or commanding, and it's not even a promise.  It's more of a thought.  It's flimsy.  It might as well say "We Could Do Better!" or "We Might Do Better!" or "It's Quite Possible Things Could Be Better!"

Better? Not good enough. I want great. I want success.  I want a winner.  I would like to see our city grid fixed, our zoning repaired (right now it looks pretty OCD - no residential near industrial near commercial - whatever you want, you'll have to drive), our downtown identified and built up.  There's nothing here because everyone's learned to drive elsewhere for it.  It's time we put some stuff here that people will drive here to visit. And I don't mean a Performing Arts Center. I mean a place where people will get out of their cars, walk around, spend some money, make an afternoon of it. Surely there are some retail outlets not covered by Tacoma, Tukwila and Auburn. And if not that, perhaps celebration of the small independent businesses that are thriving and flourishing - get the word out.

And who is "we"?  Ferrell's been a member of the city-running for some time now, so is he trying to say he's not part of "they" but he's with us as "we"?  I don't think so, Jim.  Or is he claiming to be part of a team? As in, not holding the ticket himself?

Whoever came up with this slogan should be fired.

We Can Do Better, Jim Ferrell.
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