Sunday, October 06, 2013

Week 27 (Final)

Sunday afternoon - Got a lot done, but still quite a few things left for today and not sure I'll get to all of them. I did not get anything done on the nice-to-have list, really. I think for next week I'll print it out so that I can consult it and make sure I'm making progress on it.  Lots more laundry than I have been expecting/planning for.  No end to it. Finished the book and magazine I was reading. Still need to summarize/blog about the previous week's magazine and book.  Only time I've done less in a week was when I was on vacation and trying to keep it to a minimum.  Worst Monday, Tuesday and Friday to date.

This week:
  • Schedule: Lori's party on Tuesday. Woo hoo.
  • Family: Lori's party on Tuesday. Woo hoo.  Coffee with Rachel, walk with Rachel.
  • Reading: Days of Blood and Starlight; Reader's Digest Sept. 2013; need to do summary work for Fast Company Oct. 2013 and The Final Summit
  • Simplification: not sure I simplified anything this week.
  • Diet & Exercise: Under my weight goal Saturday, and a long walk with Rachel. Friday - walk at lunch plus walked to and from building 2.
Tasks this week:
  • Sunday: 10 completed, 9 postponed
  • Monday: 20 completed, 15 postponed (35 planned)
  • Tuesday: 14 completed, 31 postponed (30 42 planned)
  • Wednesday: 44 completed, 10 postponed (30 33 55 planned)
  • Thursday: 27 completed, 11 postponed (25 33 planned)
  • Friday: 11 completed, 23 postponed (20 27 32 planned)
  • Saturday: 40 completed, 23 postponed (35 36 39 51 planned)
  • Sunday: 39 completed, 26 incomplete (40 41 42 53 planned)
  • Total: 205 completed (215 195 175 137 102 93 zero planned remaining)
  • Once and Done: 83 79 76 55 49 46 32 n/a
  • May Repeat (only counted once): 15 n/a
  • Daily: 17 16 n/a
  • Can Be Done Early (might still repeat): 58 56 57 42 39 40 n/a
  • Nice to Have: 147 145 144 

Saturday evening - got a lot done, and had coffee with Rachel (she had steamed milk) and a long walk in with Rachel as well.

Friday evening - I'm didn't do anything. Netflix and this book are big distractions from getting stuff done. Am also finding it difficult to wake up before the last possible minute in the morning.

Thursday evening - Quiet evening, surprised that my "completed" list is as short as it is. Bad night of non-sleep last night.

Wednesday evening - I spent the day trying to stay awake and I'm sure I'll spend the night trying to go to sleep. Frustrating.

Tuesday evening - I thought I would get a little more done than I did. But I'm not surprised. Had a busy morning, then a busy evening. Lots to postpone to tomorrow. Hopefully it will be normal and I can crank on some stuff.

Monday evening - I had to leave early for a special conference-type day at work. Got home early, but was so worn out I didn't get a lot done.

Sunday evening - Did not have time to plan ahead for this week, so postponed all the stuff that wasn't done and planned out the rest of the week.  There's a special event on Tuesday.

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