Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 29 (Final)

Wrap-Up - Spent Saturday at home enjoying family time, so didn't do a lot.  Today we went to church together (instead of having to drive separately which is how it usually is since one of us normally has to attend both services, either Lori singing or I doing sound or p.a.) and then had friends over for lunch.  So not a lot done today either. I'm just going to close the week now, postpone everything and plan a really light week to try to get caught up on stuff that slipped this week. Finished a book and need to review it, finished two magazines and need to pull out the relevant articles to add to my blog. Still suffering a bit of a cold.  Last Sunday I printed out the "nice to have" list but then didn't consult it enough during the week. Worst week yet (not counting vacation) for actually getting stuff done.

This week:
  • Schedule/Family Stuff: Lunch with Lori on Thursday, family outing on the weekend?
  • Reading: The Elements of Typographical Style (72 of 332); The Lacey Confession (35 of 447); The End of Wasp Season (completed); need to do summary work for Fast Company Oct. 2013 and Architectural Digest Nov. 2013; and Architectural Digest Oct. 2013
  • Simplification: I don't think I've done anything to simplify stuff this week.
  • Diet and Exercise: Met goal Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Thursday nights. Not Friday.
  • Total: 200 completed (214 205 179 133 98 75 0 total goal remaining)
  • Sunday: 21 completed, ? postponed (24 carried from last week)
  • Monday: 29 completed, 12 postponed (Goal: 29 40)
  • Tuesday: 32 completed, 16 postponed (Goal: 30 31 42)
  • Wednesday: 22 completed, 21 postponed (Goal: 30 31 43)
  • Thursday: 48 completed, 14 postponed (Goal: 25 27 32 48)
  • Friday: 18 completed, 13 postponed (Goal: 20 21 22 25 31)
  • Saturday: 26 completed, 24 postponed (Goal: 30 31 32 37 47)
  • Sunday: 4!!! completed, 40 moved to next week (Goal: 26 27 28 30 28 48)
  • Once and Done: 81 79 73 64 55 40 33 n/a
  • May Repeat (only counted once): 15 11 n/a
  • Daily Repeating: 16 17
  • Can Be Done Early (might still repeat): 48 47 46 43 40 28 23 
  • Nice to Have: 145 137 133 130

Friday night - You'd think I'm not even trying.

Thursday night - Stayed home sick from work today.

Wednesday night - A great night's sleep (new high score in Sleep Time: 95%), but not a lot done, especially considering how much I did before work. I think I've gotten lazy or something.

Tuesday night - Once again, crummy sleep.  Rachel was up.  Ben was up.  The cats were up.  So I slept in to the last minute.

Monday night - A good day. I started out feeling kinda crummy and wondering if I should stay home sick. Took some FakeQuil and slowly improved. Felt really good by mid-afternoon and have remained well. Currently watching Grace and Rigsby from The Mentalist get married which is a shame because this means one of them is going to die, right?

Sunday night - Postponing a few things, but got a few other things done. I think this is going to be a good week. Unless I can't shake this stupid cold. Irritating cough and congestion. The stuff I keep postponing are blog posts. I'm about to run out of posts if I don't spend some time soon writing some.

Sunday afternoon - alright! A new week.  This week, I'm printing out the "Nice to have" list.  The other lists are seemingly reasonable. This is getting easier and easier. It's almost no work now to plan out my week.

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