Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 15 (Final)

Sunday evening -  37 done for the day. 257 for the week. Yep, too laid back this week. Need a stronger plan for next week.

Saturday evening - I didn't get a lot done today from my to do list, it was another day spent with my family, from coffee and breakfast with the kids to Menchies and a grocery store scavenger hunt with the kids (Lori was texting us from elsewhere in the store) to dinner together and then the day was over just like that. Yeah, next week I need to be more ruthless in what I put on the list (and more importantly, what I don't) and then track more clearly during the week my progress towards completion.

Friday evening -  Instead of looking into my to-do list, I played a lot with my children, cleared out some email and a lot of feedly. So pretty much nothing off the list except some of the repeating items. Tonight all four of us sat in the living room, three of us reading and Ben just hanging out. It was nice and quiet and peaceful and I even fell asleep for a little while.

Thursday evening - 48 items completed, but they were important ones, some won't come back ever, some not for six months. That's nearly half the list, but some items took far longer than I expected, like all the stupid magazines that I haven't started reading. I still need to do it for books I own that I want to read that aren't on my Kindle. I don't think the book list on the blog is the right place, but I'm not sure why. Can't believe this non-vacation is almost over because the weekend will just be your average weekend.  62 items due tomorrow + 10 more from Saturday/Sunday that I could do tomorrow and be done with early. (Remaining: 147 less-than-daily + 23 daily.)
Wednesday evening - when all was said and done, only 41 items were completed. Some decent stuff, but a lot of important stuff left undone. Lesson is that some of it has to be done much earlier or I'm kidding myself by having it on the list. I worked on a preliminary list that's way too long for tomorrow at about 88 items, but some of those will take a few minutes to complete (taking photos of specific people). I'll probably adjust my list more tomorrow. Tonight I took an inventory of all the books on my to do list. I compared against what's on my Kindle and I also looked at all the magazines that I'm partway through (six!) and cleaned that up as well. Next up is all the magazines I haven't started and all the physical books I haven't started. It's nice getting this stuff cleaned up.

Wednesday afternoon - 35 items completed and 38 remaining, but getting into the territory of stuff that takes time or requires a certain set of circumstances (like Ben being awake and supervised elsewhere so I can vacuum his room). We'll see how I end up at the end of the day.

Wednesday morning - I have to remind myself to "Do the Work" - I'd rather to other stuff, but if I'm going to have a plan, I need a plan. 197 items remain. 28 have a daily repeat and 46 have a less frequent repeat (frequent enough that if it were Monday, they would appear at least once more during the week once checked off.) Some of these relate to books and magazines I want to read. Later today I hope to eliminate them from the list because this is the wrong list for them. I've gotten it down to a list of 71. That still seems like a lot, but it seems like a good list.

Tuesday evening - I completed 39 tasks today and saw a movie and ran an errand to the store that I hadn't planned on. While I'm pleased with what I accomplished, I think it still wasn't strategic. I didn't set out at the start of the day with a goal in mind, so I don't know if I was successful or not. This is what's been missing and I will try to work on that tomorrow. I did have a goal in mind for my time with my son today while my wife and daughter were gone at VBS - we had an excellent time and I was happy with what we accomplished and that I didn't just try to get a bunch of stuff done but kept my attention on it. Ok, I did accidentally pick 5 weeds while we were outside before I realized what I was doing, but I did otherwise just play with him or do therapy stuff with him all morning, including several trips to the bathroom. He did OK with them today, wasn't really upset or quick to declare he was done and did actually even use the potty once, so that was really cool. So from that perspective, a good and successful day. And Monsters University is amazing. The level of detail in that movie makes it difficult at time to remember that it's all animated and that there isn't like real backgrounds that they're just animating on top of.

Tuesday morning - 3 Steps to Crush Your Overwhelming List of Things To Do

Monday evening - I ended up planning less of this week than I had hoped to today. I completed only 35 items, but they were big ones, a lot that won't repeat for a long time. And one that should have taken 3-4 minutes had I done it two weeks ago, but because I delayed, it actually took me two hours to do today (most of that driving to Seattle and back). Stupid. I also did get out and edge all of the yards and some major weeding. Those were really overdue and I'm happy to have it done. Tomorrow night we have a movie so whatever I'm going to get done will have to get done in the morning. I do need more discipline in my weekly planning, hopefully that can come more tomorrow.
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