Sunday, July 07, 2013

Review: The Teleportation Accident (Not Recommended)

Ok, so I just finished this book and I'd be a little hard-pressed to tell you what it's about. Ok, so there is a central character, Egon Loeser, a German, but in the end, after reading this, I feel like the loser. There are some other characters who come in and out of the book, including Adele Hitler (yes, her dad is Adolf) who he chases after, which leads him to Paris and Los Angeles, and yes, there's some amusing observations of Los Angeles that are great fun if you have the typical love-hate relationship with Los Angeles (maybe if I spent time in Berlin or Paris I'd appreciate those sections more.)

This is, yet again, a meandering book, another Entertainment Weekly recommendation, one they gave an A to. My tastes are obviously way, way different than theirs. It wasn't bad enough to abandon, but I still can't recommend it, between the laugh-out-loud funny points was lots of nothing happening. Lots.

Skip this book as it's quite disappointing. The title is a promise unfulfilled.
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