Friday, July 05, 2013

Feed Sift

Here's five interesting things I've come across lately in my blog feeds.


Burke Gilman Trail Concept - a glossy brochure from a design firm for an overhaul of the Burke Gilman trail on the UW campus. I love this kinda stuff. (PDF)


50 Small Things to Help Improve Your Customer Service - a slideshare of quick hits. And remember, it's all customer service because you are someone's customer or someone is your customer. I don't mean that in a jaded or negative way.


Even 5 over makes a difference - two cars, one traveling the speed limit, one going five miles faster - both collide with the same object at the same time in this video. A reminder to slow down.


Instant slideshow creator Biggie - clever simple tool for very quick presentation slides when you're going for simplicity and impact. No transitions + limited options = clear slides that are easy to create in your browser.


How clutter affects your brain and what you can do about it - some good stuff. Also a neat photo of what Steve Jobs' office looked like - not at all what you would have expected.
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