Sunday, July 07, 2013

Week 14 (Final)

Sunday evening - Closed out the week with a lot done. I think I was too laid back in the approach this week. This next week is a pseudo-vacation so I will be doing some clean-up of my to-do list. I also need to re-think the approach of this email.

Saturday evening - We were nearly spontaneous today. I started by making pancakes for breakfast, then we went to a park and we have movie night. The second two were not on my list but that's fine. It was a nice day. Still got 30 items checked off. Need to crank tomorrow or this week was a failure from a getting-stuff-done perspective.

Friday evening - I only checked 20 things off on my to do list. But I played with blocks with Ben, I sat with Lori while we watched our children play in the back yard, I got a haircut, I got my car washed, I went on a wild goose chase in the pursuit of another big item and spent quite a bit of time with a new pet. It was a nice day.

Thursday evening - Happy Independence Day! Had a lot of people over, still got 30 things done today, that's cool. Some were big things, like fixing the broken support on the swingset.

Wednesday evening -  Slept better, but didn't get anything really done before work. After work, got into a bit of a groove and ended up getting 30 things done (yay). Now a long weekend and vacation. Woo. Getting to bed late because we had to watch some teenagers get totally busted for setting off fireworks. Not in this city, punks.

Tuesday evening - this was essentially a non-day. I literally took everything from tomorrow and moved it to Thursday and everything from today and moved it to tomorrow. Poor sleep last night led to sleeping in until the last minute this morning. An incident involving our son meant another night at the ER. We're back now and think things are probably fine, but nothing got done. At all.

Monday evening - stayed home today, Lori wasn't feeling well. Another really hot day. I did get quite a bit done, more than would be in a typical day. Surprising considering how much time I spent with the children. It'll slow down tomorrow. I've printed out a list. There's too many on it. Depends on whether I'm able to do any before work or not - pretty much depends on how much sleep I'm able to get tonight.

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