Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Goodbye, July

I'm glad July is over. Not much more to say than that. Another ER visit, but also lots of fun. But also lots of sleepless nights. And breakthroughs with Ben. I just noticed that I was happy when June was over too. I need to work on that. I need to end August not being so glad the month is over.

The Big Elements

simplify - I've kept my part of the bedroom clean and have been thinking of other ways to simplify. I also employed simplify's cousin clarify in looking into my Social Media "Strategy" (interestingly enough, that netted me new followers on Twitter, friend requests on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn.) Kicked off Project Haven with Lori, an effort to determine what our bedroom should (and shouldn't) be.

diet and exercise - exercise- check. diet - brrrrrt and pbbbbbbt. You'd be disgusted with me. I'm disgusted with me. Only two really egregious days, but in the same week - that's bad. I'm bad.

work - as always, a constant state of flux. The story of my life.

family - we're still overdue to call Lori's dad and brothers, we spent time with Lori's mom, two different family events with my parents and one even with my brother and his family.

family present ideas - no new idea per se, but we've been talking about gifting, partially because I've been thinking about how I don't want stuff and we discovered that we're more interested in experiences. There is some stuff, but it's all too expensive.

Top 5 Posts This Month
My Favorite 5 Posts This Month
  • Faster, Cheaper, Easier (A Work-Related Post) -- July 18, 2013
    I like this one, possibly because I like the fake PowerPoint slide I created. But it was based on a real one I saw this month.
  • Change in Plans -- July 2, 2013
    How can I handle interruptions better?
  • Why Husbands are Frustrating (Life with #Autism) -- July 24, 2013
    I've been seeing lots of women frustrated on MyAutismTeam by their husbands and I started to write a note but it turned out to be too long and suddenly it was a blog post. A very popular blog post. (Hint: They're moving through the stages of grief more slowly and might be stuck.)
  • Time of Death -- July 12, 2013
    I came to a realization. I'm vague, but it's crystal clear to me.
  • Project Haven -- July 4, 2013
    Lori and I embark on a simplify project for our bedroom.

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