Thursday, July 25, 2013

Print Sift

Five Things I've recently read and figured were worth passing along:


I did not realize that CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy - the car manufacturer's required afe) was based on vehicles produced, not vehicles sold. So manufacturers will continue to make cars people don't want in order to meet the requirements. I think it ought to be based on cars sold. That would spur real change. (No link here, just a fact and a little bit of editorializing. Source: Fast Company, July/Aug. 2013)


A cool site I've added to Feedly: - guy holds up a still from a movie in the location where it was shot. Simple concept, great results. (Thank you Marci Robin c/o FC 7/13)


Why Cars Should Be More Smartphones - bring it. (Fast Company, July/Aug. 2013)


The Road to Resilience: How Unscientific Innovation Saved Marlin Steel - American manufacturing jobs saved by: relevant advertising reaching the right audience, a willingness to venture outside the core, an eye on the competitive landscape, a willingness to invest, improve and change - a great story about how an almost random call from Boeing to a maker of bagel baskets resulted in a transformation of a small U.S. factory. Great lessons in here. (Fast Company, July/Aug. 2013)


Paper Lantern Lit matches undiscovered writers with publishers to create mass-market hits - This is really interesting - they come up with the plot and then they find a suitable writer to write the story. But it's not ghostwriting, it's a way to help writers become authors. (Fast Company, Nov. 2012)
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