Friday, July 19, 2013

@Mashable - email to the rescue?

So I wonder if Mashable is going to be a casualty of Google killing off Reader. Several years ago I must have registered on because it's been at least a year since I stopped following Mashable in Google Reader.

And then out of nowhere earlier this week I started receiving daily emails from Mashable. And I quickly unsubscribed. No thank you.  I have to guess the email hasn't performed great for them - probably a high number of unsubscribes, some marked as spam and a lot of bounces.

On the plus side, the email was responsive and their website is also responsive. When I gave up on Mashable, it was mostly annoying slideshows that didn't work well on my iPad and way too many posts each day. Based on the title of their first email and the number of stories in each email, neither has changed. Too bad. Mashable had some good stuff.

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