Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Idea: Landline Text-Messaging

So I sent this to Comcast but I couldn't convince them to think about it. They got hung up on "text messaging" and missed the point completely. But the idea persists in my head, so I figured I ought to commit it to blog in case some other company wants it.

So here's the deal - free text-messaging. For landlines.

I would guess that a lot of people with landlines have cable or satellite. And cable and satellite boxes these days are just computers. And usually they're connected to the internet in some way often by companies offering triple or quadruple plays, or at least bundling with telecommunications partners.

So it seems like it would be very easy to deliver text messages to the box and allow messages to be sent from the box.

I once read that if Apple charged for songs the way AT&T charged for text messaging (data-wise), it would cost something like $90,000 for a song. It seems like telecommunications companies would love anything that expands the use of text-messaging, even if they offered it free, just to open up all those landlines to it and get people hooked on it.

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