Monday, July 08, 2013

Attention to Detail 2 (A Work-Related Post)

Take a look at this sign. Sadly, this type of thing is uncommon. And sadly, we call it "Good enough" and move on. But it's not, is it?

And there's a couple of things we can consider here as possible causes:

  • Incomplete requirements - "I need a sign this size with these words, images and logos." and no mention of how it will be mounted.
  • Not thinking about the whole funnel - the person designing it on the screen wasn't thinking about how it would be mounted. Ditto the person fabricating it.
  • Inflexible template enforces consistency without making things better - signs will be x by y" with a x inch border x inches in from the edge. Edges shall be founded on an x radius. Typeface x shall be used in one of these four sizes and colors.  
  • Lack of empowerment - the person hanging it may not have been able to reject it and return it and have it redone or any ability to adjust how they mount it
  • Lack of pride of ownership - maybe the person hanging the sign just figured "good enough" and stuck it up and moved on
  • Or maybe the person hanging the sign is a smoker.

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