Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Odds and Ends 97

1. MSNBC -- Will it be a merry Christmas for Borders, Barnes & Noble?

2. LIFEHACKER -- FlashVideoReplacer Replaces Flash Videos with Windows Media, QuickTime Equivalents - I don't use Firefox, but this sounds cool. If you use Firefox, would you let us know how well it does (or doesn't) work?

3. MASHABLE -- Everyone Uses E-mail, But Blogging Is On the Decline

4. SETH GODIN -- Who's On Your List?

5. ENDGADGET -- Wireless carriers openly considering charging per service - super lame.

6. ROBERT CRINGELY -- How to Plug a Leak: Don't

7. GOOGLE -- Free calling in Gmail extended through 2011

8. SEATTLESCAPE -- Uniform Taxation: A TIF Problem to Solve -- complicated, but interesting

9. WSDOT -- WSDOT adds 29 rail cars to Washington Grain Train - an example of good government - collective capitalism that doesn't cost the tax-payers anything, but creates an opportunity for small businesses that they wouldn't otherwise have

10. INHABIT -- Chevy Volt Parts Made From 100,000 Pounds of Gulf Oil Booms
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