Sunday, December 05, 2010


After asking for a popcicle and being told no. Rachel: "You know, mom, some kids don't have popcicles. Since we do, we shouldn't let them go to waste."


Passing through Bellevue on the 405, underneath all the bridges in the dark.

Rachel: "How come we live in a town instead of a city? I'd like to live in a city."
Me: "Me, too, kid. Me, too."


A little while later.

Rachel: "Is this New York City?"
Me: "No, it's Renton."
Rachel: "It looks like New York City."


Lori: "You know, usually we're both mature responsible parents, but then sometimes you do something and I'm like 'Really?'"

After I'd put a little cotton candy in Ben's mouth after the piece I'd handed him he let drop.
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