Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Sift 1-5

The Sift 1

  • Combining Caffeine with Sugar May Improve Concentration
  • Dear Santa - what if you ask Santa for the impossible and he delivers immediately? What does that look like? See here.
  • Seattle to Boston - Read the driving directions.
  • C-Water: Solar Powered Water Desalinator for Life Rafts
  • Top 10 Misconceptions about Photography and the Law: A Conversation with Attorney Carolyn E. Wright


The Sift 2

  • What Ever Happened to Casual Day at Work?
  • Make Ahead Meal Exchange
  • The Trojan App
  • Two Weeks Left to Join World's Largest Real Life Facebook Wall
  • Big Cat Christmas Video


The Sift 3

  • Toyota looks set to launch two new Prius models in Detroit, one's a mystery
  • 10 Predictions for the News Media in 2011
  • Spain says 'Adios' to smoky bars, cafes, eateries
  • Oregon State Tests To Allow Spell Check In 2011
  • Ferret Steals a Christmas Ornament video


The Sift 4

  • Wind Turbines Could Boost Growth of Crops
  • What is your ONE BIG MISSION?
  • Housing Market 2011: As Rough As 2010
  • Align Your Purchases with Your Personal Values for Better Spending Habits
  • Cambridge developing 'mind reading' computer interface with the countenance of Charles Babbage


The Sift 5

  • Organizing from the Inside Out: Form a Plan of Attack for Lifelong Organization
  • CityVille Is Now Bigger than FarmVille
  • Why a Mobile App Does Not Make Sense
  • A Paradox of Expectations
  • Snow Plow Fail video


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