Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Didn't Almost Die (But James Lamb did.)

James Lamb
(of the Lincoln Lambs)
This James Lamb (not me) did.  That is, almost died.  He's from the Lincoln Lambs.  No relation that I'm aware of.

I saw this story come across my Google Alerts a few months ago. Yes, I get an RSS feed of mentions of my name.  No, it's not pride.  It's personal brand management.  Look it up.  Anyhow, I mostly skim because there is a man who shares my name who did things that were not right with children and now can't find a place to live in California and I am tired of reading about him and he comes up often in the news. So I didn't pay attention a lot to this story of the James Lamb who nearly died.

Well, this James Lamb had traveled to Ensanada, Baja on a mission trip in November and then nearly died. At the time when he was popping up a lot in the alerts was shortly after the accident and the stories didn't sound good, so I didn't really pay a lot of attention to it.  I didn't think there was a story there.

Well, I was wrong.  One, he survived, two, he's now returned home, and three, wow, there was a fantastic story involving U.S. Marines in Mexico at the right (divine) place at the right time, not to mention that his journey to recovery is also a wonderful read at Christmas-time, to see the odds he (and the amazing medical teams and his family and friends) have worked to overcome.  Among other things.  But this is a story best told by others who were there.  You can find the whole story from accident to recovery on his Caring Bridge website. This man and his family could definitely use your continued prayers.

And if you are still planning to get me a Christmas gift, please donate to this James instead.  His medical bills... well.... you know how medical bills are.

(And so you might wonder why I'm now posting it to my blog and messing with the Google search results.  Turns out there's already enough on my blog to draw people here who are looking for him.  So I wanted to attract all that errant traffic to this single appropriate page on my blog so that I can deflect it back out to where it belongs.)
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