Monday, December 06, 2010

Odds and Ends 91

1. LAST PERSON BLOGGING -- Always Stuff Going On

2. ROBERT CRINGLEY -- Verizon LTE iPhone 4V

Denver’s Lessons for the North Corridor HCT Alignment
- I wonder if this is, however, how you get stuff built - start by aligning with what people know (the freeways) and then build feeders later?

Activate the New Facebook Profile Layout with Featured Friends, Infinite Photo Scrolling

5. ANDY SERNOVITZ -- Shooting Yourself in the Foot

6. I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER -- You Want to Impress Me?

7. LIFEHACKER -- Don't Make Important Decisions Until Your Decision Time - love it.

8-10 - Videos after the break - it's the Kinect edition - three videos showing some pretty cool stuff people are doing with the Microsoft Kinect.

8. VIDEO - Two Kinects, One Computer - it's still rough, but two stationary cameras yield 3D live video. By the time a third is added, and they're all calibrated to eliminate the jagged edges seen in this first attempt, you're going to start seeing some crazy stuff. Like the ability to start broadcasting a truly 3D experience where the viewer can choose the angle they want to see. This will be phenomenal for unscripted TV like sports and reality shows.

9. VIDEO - Razorfish's "Da Vinci" project ported from Surface to Kinect

10. VIDEO - Quadricopter with Kinect - oh, yeah, that's a good idea. I guess that at least means the different evolutions of the copters will have something to do after they exterminate the human race. Video shows at least some wisdom - even the babies should only be approached with a large stick in hand.
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