Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bye, Odds. Bye, Ends. Hello, Sift.

This year, I reached my unannounced goal of 365 posts. I don't think that will be a goal for next year. 97 of those posts were my "Odds and Ends" posts - other stuff I found around the web that I thought my friends would find interesting.

However, I know that not all of my friends were interested in these. And that 10 links ended up being a lot to read through to find out if there was stuff they wanted to read.

Therefore, I'm launching a separate site: The Sift. You can find its RSS feed here. It'll be a once a day (or less frequently, never more) list of links I've found interesting. In order to make it simpler to follow, I'll drop it back to only five links at a time.

Once a week I think I'll post a link on this blog to all of the headlines for quick reference. That will sort of bridge for people who don't want to follow both, but cut down on the clutter that appears on this blog. And the amount of clutter that ends up on Facebook, too.
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