Monday, March 18, 2013

Missed Opportunity 2 (A Work-Related Post)

So got this email the other day from DirecTV.  The good news is that they took my advice are finally previewing their emails on iPhones and iPads.  For the longest time, they were using line heights less than the font making it impossible to read.  I finally complained to their customer service and now their emails are readable.

But this email is dumb.

We already know that they know how what channels we watch and for how long.  First, it would be stupid for them not to know this kind of information.  Secondly, they so much as admit it every time negotiations get contentious between DirecTV and one of the media companies insisting that they carry channels no one cares about like ESPN Ocho or Nick Jr. Jr. or Disney Family After Dark.

So here's what gets me... they didn't need to send me this email.  Or they could have made it a small include on another email.  Instead, what I see is DirecTV taking something away.  Nevermind that it's not something I even care about.

Bottom Line: They should use their data to market, inform and communicate smarter.

Also amused that it takes place on April 1 and they refer to it as the OWN Network (Oprah Winfrey Network Network). 
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