Thursday, March 14, 2013

Moves Management (Evil Edition)

When you work some place you like, sometimes the most difficult path to promotion is the people who already hold the position and have no desire to vacate it.

I read an article recently that said Google was expanding a nearby campus in order to nearly double the number of staff they have in the region.  This campus is too far away from me (I love my commute and I believe in the work of our organization, so I'm not ready to go anywhere) but there are a lot of people in my organization who live up that way.  (Their commute must be quite unpleasant.)

So I began to wonder - what if I could get them to go work for Google.  And suddenly this evil idea I would never actually do (and you shouldn't either) formed:

Become their headhunter.

Technology would make it so stinking easy.

Step 1: Create an email address that would be theirs and seem professional but personal.  Like

Step 2: Go to LinkedIn and get a copy of their résumé.

Step 3: Identify jobs and apply (or point to their LinkedIn.)

Step 4: Set-up Gmail to start forwarding the emails directly to them.

They might get some rejection notices, but if people start calling or getting emails asking them for follow-up information, they might just consider the offer if it's a good fit.

Again: you should not actually try this.
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