Sunday, March 24, 2013


This weekend was great.  But first, last week.

Monday - can't recall anything interesting.  As we were checking on the children at the end of the night, we accidentally work up Rachel.  We would learn Tuesday morning that she had actually not going back to sleep.  So she got 3-4 hours of sleep and then played all night long.  *sigh*

Tuesday - I was really busy and had a couple of calls that I let go to voicemail in rapid succession.  One was the nurse's assistant and Rachel's school asking us to call back ASAP.  Instead of calling, I called Lori.  When Rachel stays up all night long, she often complains of stomach pains the next day.  That was not the case.  She and another child had collided on the playground.  I wasn't sure of the damage, but I agreed to meet Lori at Urgent Care.  Lori's mom went to the house to watch Ben.  We waited awhile at Urgent Care, watching a lot of Madagascar 3.  They finally led us into a room, an assistant removed the bandage and then announced that the doctor would probably be sending us to the ER.  He came in, took a look, and yep, off to Mary Bridge.  We waited there watching a lot of Ice Age 3.  They finally took us to a room where we waited a lot and watched most of Toy Story 3.  We got to a point where Rachel's speech was slurred and she was giggly, kept talking without moving her mouth much.  If you're friends with Lori, she posted the video tonight (Rachel finally agreed to allow it and earlier today allowed a still photo).  So 1 stitch inside, 7 outside.  I had to keep looking away.  Rachel, however, was so nicely drugged that she thought the needle tickled.  Finally released, headed back to Urgent Care to collect my car.  Rachel fell asleep in the car.  The doctor came out when we arrived (nice timing, I think) and asked how she was.  That was a nice touch, it had been 5-6 hours since he'd seen us.  Lori went to get food and I headed to Fred Meyer to get a prescription.  No movie there, sadly.  Finally home at 9, devoured a lot of KFC. I missed an interview for an open position in my group, but two of my colleagues covered for me.  Sadly, this will make the guy have to come in again next week to meet with me.  Just as well, I was in a foul mood that day after my boss' boss insulted me. He probably doesn't realize he did it.  After that first night, Rachel has not wanted any pain medication. I'd probably still be on the couch crying.

Wednesday-Friday - several very busy days at work.  Friday night was small group and we watched "How Great is Our God" from Louie Giglio again.  Such a cool video.  Great food, too.  Oh - Wednesday night one of the families in our Small Group made a double-portion of their dinner and brought it to us - enchiladas.  They were really really good.  :)

And then the weekend... let's see... we had to get up on the early side on Saturday to play host to one of Rachel's friends from church.  Her mom doesn't have daycare on the weekends, but that's fine, it just ended up being more like an extended playdate.  It went well.  That actually kept Rachel busy.  Midway through the day, a birthday party for one of the 2-year-olds in our small group.  (Well, his parents are, he just comes for the toys.)  They had a massive bowl of spring rolls and Vietnamese Puff Pastries (with meat inside) and, yeah, we had our fill and then some.  So good.  There were several other small children and a lot of eyes and the house was pretty baby-proofed (except for a massive apple that got snagged and chewed on) so we were able to enjoy ourselves without having to be as much on alert.  And then when we left?  They gave us a bunch of food to take with us.  So that was lunch today.  :)

Last night Lori and I got out of the house for a date night.  Dinner and a walk in the park.  Was really nice.  Also had plenty of time playing with Ben down on the floor this weekend.  And got some reading in.

I got a lot of stuff done around the house this weekend as well.  All the laundry in the home is washed (last load in the dryer right now) and all but one load is folded and a lot is put away.  House is in pretty good shape, got a little bit of tidying done in the garage.  Also ran the generator, mowed the two front lawns, edged one of the lawns, dug up all the stupid dandelions in one of the yards, trimmed a large bush at the front of the property, used a broom to brush all the dead moss off of one of the roofs.  Oh, wait, mowed all the lawns - did the back two yesterday.  Didn't get any running in, but I did jog with the lawn mower in the back yard.  Of course, it shows - but that's fine - it's outdoor season so I'll get that backyard looking better soon.

We attended the early service at church due to a recommendation that we change services (that'll be its own blog post eventually) and that led to a lot more of Sunday available to us.

So to recap, packed a lot into the weekend - lots of time with the family, lots done.  Feeling quite pleased with how the weekend turned out.
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