Saturday, March 02, 2013

Feed Sift (Week Ending March 2)

-1- Tiny, tiny clocks.

This is mesmerizing, but perhaps too many jump cuts in the video, would have liked to see longer movements. You'd think my OCD would want all the clocks to be set to the correct time.

-2- Editorial: RIAA takedown requests and ad complaints are missing an opportunity

Probably the most brilliant thing I've read on Engadget. Sadly, the right people will probably never see it. (Engadget)

-3- The Project that Saved the White House from Collapsing

Amazing photos from 1949-early 1950s when the White House was gutted in a $5.7 million dollar renovation that saved it from collapse or condemnation. (Twisted Sifter)

-4- Science Explains Why Our Best Ideas Come in the Shower

Nothing earthshattering, but still interesting. I'm all for anything that encourages more showers. (Lifehacker)

-5- Balancing a Flexible Work Environment

A long look at Yahoo!'s decision to require its staff to start working from its offices, eliminating alternative working arrangements. It's pretty thoughtful and while it tries to stay neutral seems to make the case for why it was the right thing to do. (Learning by Shipping)
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