Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feed Sift (Week Ending 3/16)

-1- The Autism Advantage

A great, but long piece about new ways autistic adults are able to participate in the workforce. In Denmark, but spreading to the United States. A detailed piece, looks at why this isn't for everyone and some of the pitfalls that employees and employers might face, but a really interesting piece. (New York Times)

-2- Light it up: Epic LED show to wrap SF Bay Bridge in swirls and stars

This is pretty cool. There's a video on this page that I watched with the sound off (it's about the lights anyhow). I wish there had been more long shots just letting it play. Mesmerizing. (CNET)

-3- TV Apartments

Using only the shows themselves, an interior decorator from Spain has drawn up floorplans for a number of popular TV shows. Amazing how massive those apartments are and how set designers seem to love putting things at angles. Funny to watch design shows where they criticize putting things at angles. (TwistedSifter)

-4- Graffiti Archaeology

Photos over years (or decades) of areas that are popular with graffiti artists - you can see how the walls have changed over time, in the style of the art and how people have worked together in some cases to enhance and tweak each other's work.  (

-5- History of L.A. Transit

A timeline of all of the transit companies of Los Angeles, starting in 1870 in an interactive map.  (Tiki-Toki)
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