Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Review: In Between the Ears

I made it 55% through In Between the Ears by Lee Goetti before giving up on it. I think this must have been a free Kindle book because it was on my Kindle and I didn't remember it, but started reading it recently.

The stream of consciousness writing style is unique (and fun) and there are a few moments of laugh-out-loud funny.  But I found that I really didn't much care for any of the characters, so I had no one to root for in this meandering story.  So halfway through, we have the stories of a band that's doing OK and the separate storyline of the would-be drummer (Paul) who instead has a mess of a life due to an injury that prevented him from being in said band and who is now instead in some sort of cult led by a guy who'd like to be considered a great leader but who's just quite messed up himself.

55% in is where the latest cult crop are at a retreat and a truly psycho person starts thinking that he's talking to a slug.  Yep, you read that correctly.  There's something involving a hatchet the slug wants him to put in Paul's room after cutting down a tree.

I jumped to the end where I notice that still nothing happened.   Whatever happened with the hatchet didn't happen to Paul as he's still around.

I would give it zero stars for story but I'm instead going with two because I want to give credit for the writing style and the humor.

The themes and content and language and situations in this book would also prevent me from recommending to my friends, even if the story were improved.  Sorry, but there you go.

I put the Amazon link so you can jump to it, but do not buy this book.  If you want to get rid of some money for no reason, just send it directly to me instead.
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