Thursday, March 07, 2013

Mashup Mashon Mashin

I recently recalled an incident a few years ago where we were at a reasonably realistic Chinese restaurant and I poured some soy sauce on my food. My Chinese-American coworker was appalled. He said they would have put soy sauce on it already.

I put ketchup on my fries.
I put ranch on my onion rings.
I put syrup on my pancakes.
I put salt and pepper on my eggs.
I put creamer in my coffee.
I put wallpaper on my desktop.
I put music on my run.
I put sunglasses on my face.

And - they're the ones that put the soy sauce on the table.

So yeah, I add stuff, yo. Now... adding "yo" to the end of a sentence does not make the sentence better, yo.

Dang it.


Bottom line, don't let people tell you how things ought to be. Decide for yourself.
(Yes, I see what I just did there. It wasn't intentional.)
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