Tuesday, March 05, 2013

How sad is this?

My latest organization attempt is to carry four (4!!!!) calendars with me.  On paper.  Perhaps not the model of simplicity, or perhaps precisely the model of simplicity (in that it's not complicated and technologically cumbersome).

In time, I will probably figure out a way to improve the process, but right now, I'm going to live with this because it seems to be working.

They are:

* My current work week (although it has changed quite a bit since then so I may need to re-print) - this helps me throughout the day to know where I need to go next and who I'll be meeting with next

* My blog post plans - I didn't blog enough in February, so I'm trying to be more intentional in March

* The current month for our family stuff - I felt like I was often surprised by events and so I decided I wanted to be more informed and possibly even be more responsible or do more leading and planning of stuff.

* The current month - when I might be able to get to the big to do items around the house - Remember the Milk is great for those daily repeatable tasks, but I found that I was just getting them done each day and never getting to the big projects.  So, I pulled the large projects out onto a list on our bulletin board in the kitchen and then tried to place some of them on the calendar where I might be able to get to them.  There's definitely more items then good potential dates, so it may help me plan a more reasonable list for April.

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