Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation, Day 3

Today we went to the Burke Museum of Natural History on the University of Washington campus.  Parking was confusing.  It could be clearer on their website.  But then, so could signage within the museum itself.  Anyhow, it was full of lots of cool stuff.  Dinosaur bones, the bones of a whale that were found here in the state that led to the discovery of a new genus of whale, lots of interesting stuff.

This is the thigh-bone of a large dinosaur.

A really large dinosaur.

There was lots of cool gems and geodes and stuff.  It was funny because every so often you'd find a piece of marble that you'd look and say "Hey.. that looks like a counter top you'd put in a kitchen."  This, above, would look awesome in a countertop, as a replica.  

This was a happy looking little guy.
This one, not so much.  But I felt like I could appreciate how he was feeling.  Not that I was feeling like that today.

These guys were pretty cool looking, too.

Afterwards, we went to Hawaiian Breeze in Wallingford.  Excellent food.  There were some complaints on review websites saying they didn't like how long they had to wait for their food.  At 2 pm when we went in there, we were the only ones, so we didn't have to wait long.  One of the entrees we ordered wasn't available, but the ones we did have were really good.  Our daughter knocked over a glass and it broke all over the floor but they were really cool about it.  We had a coupon from the Entertainment Book, so we had a nice discount.

And then finally we went to Menchies.  Ben did great all day long, a super happy boy.

We capped it off back at home with Red Box, a movie for Rachel before dinner and now a movie for us, Source Code.  Weird movie so far.  

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