Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation, Day 2

Today started with homemade poptarts, courtesy of Lori.  Pie crust, strawberry jelly, powdered sugar+milk,  sprinkles.  Fresh from the oven.

Then, coffee with Ben while Rachel got ready.

Off to MSM Deli in Tacoma.  Some very tasty sandwiches.  Look at us, a third new place in three days, another find from Lori.  And she's got another one lined up for tomorrow..  

Off to the zoo.  The tigers were out playing with their big rubber ball.

The Gyr Falcon was also feeling quite photogenic.  You might not be able to tell it, but he's (she's?) smiling here.

I also got some great shots in the aquarium.  I'm loving this camera.

We all had fun with the budgies.  Memo to myself, stop smiling.  The creases around my eyes are horrid.

Doesn't Lori look stunning?

Rachel was enjoying the budgies too.

The Arctic Foxes are back.  I hadn't seen them in years.

We also saw the latest animal show.  A tech-gadget themed trek around the world, they had the nerve to diss The Princess Bride.  Otherwise, entertaining with a pretty decent soundtrack.  And then to end off the day, we let them run around in the children's area.  They both had a lot of fun.  And we had fun watching them.  We haven't uploaded today's photos yet, but they'll be here when we get them done.  If you're seeing just animals and not us, you need to sign-in to Flickr.  If you still can't see photos of our family, you need an invite from me.

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