Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 to the 3

Progress report on my 500 miles in 300 days.  Yesterday was day 21.  To hit 500 miles, I would have needed to have completed 33.33 miles (1.67 per day - the blue line).  Yesterday I reached 44.02 (2.1 per day - the green line).   

The gray line is something new I'm experimenting with.  I'm finding that I'm just not always interested in running... I'm really tired or I have other stuff I need to get to or it's raining.. stuff like that.  So when I run more than 1.67 miles in a day, there's a net gain on the gray line.  When I run less, there's a loss.  If something comes up (illness, travel) that prevents running, it shows me how long I stay in positive territory.
Right now, I'm positive 9.02 miles so I'd be behind the average on 9/5 if I didn't run at all between now and then. Though I can't imagine going that long without even the simplest of 1-2/3 mile runs.
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