Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Standing Still

Last night the idea of standing still came to mind while I was running.  Or more specifically the idea that there's really no such thing.  It's not an original idea, but the idea that you're either growing or you're dying - there is no stasis.  No holding patterns, no comfortable ruts, no grooves.  No standing still as life swirls around us.  If we're not weeding the yard, the weeds are overtaking.  If we're not maintaining our cars, important things are shaking loose and falling off.  If we're not cleaning off our desks, soon we can't find it.  (For that matter... if you're not actively acquiring new email addresses, your list size is declining as people opt-out or change email addresses.  Hi, colleagues!)

It made me think about how that applies to the people in our lives... our spouse, children, friends, co-workers.  Are our relationships with the people in our lives growing or dying?  What are we doing to nurture them and help them to grow?
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