Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Sift 216-220

The Sift 216: Social Media, Social Good and Charity
  • Things I've Learned from !deation
  • The Google+ Cheat Sheet
  • Facebook for Every Phone App Launches for 2,500 Mobile Devices
  • Kraft Jell-O Pudding Seeks To Eradicate Twitter Frowns
  • Saudi Women Petition Subaru To Leave Country Over Driving Ban

The Sift 217: Airplanes
  • Airbus Unveils Incredible Design for a Transparent Plane
  • Solar Impulse Sun-Powered Plane Successfully Completes First International Flight
  • You’re Now Owed Serious Money if You Get Bumped by an Airline
  • EADS Rethinks the Way Planes Fly With New All-Electric Aircraft Design
  • FRY POWER: Thomson Airways Launches the UK’s First Airplane Powered By Cooking Oil

The Sift 218: Cars
  • Gordon Murray reveals new Batmobile, Dark Knight gets serious about reducing carbon footprint
  • Hybrid X High School Team Wins Green Grand Prix MPG Road Rally
  • World’s First Student Built Hydrogen Racing Car Unveiled
  • Tesla Model S is almost production-ready, does photo shoot to prove it
  • MAININKI Concept Car Features Transforming Chassis for Changing Road Conditions

The Sift 219: Google
  • Google Removes Flawed Traffic Travel Times from Maps
  • Google Tests an Interface Optimized for Infinite Scrolling
  • Is Microsoft Creating a New Social Search Engine?
  • Shareable Google News badges for your favorite topics
  • Google working on video chat for Chrome, Skype cowers in fear

The Sift 220: Entertainment and Technology
  • The Future of Hulu and U.S. TV
  • 5 Current Trends Shaping the Television Industry
  • The 101 Reasons We Love 'Parks and Recreation'
  • All My Children a killer app?
  • Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world (Video)

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