Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I've been feeling a little listless lately.  I think.  The stuff I've normally been up to, I've not been up to it.

For one, I haven't been reading as much.  For a while there, I was posting a new book review every Tuesday.  There's a link at the top of the blog to my reading list.  I have several books in progress right now...

"Breakfast with Jesus" by Greg Laurie - daily readings of about 3 pages each.  I haven't been consistent.  There are 80 readings in all and I'm in the 50s.  These are dense readings.

"Becoming a Person of Influence" by John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan.  This is assigned reading for my mentoring.  I feel like I should mostly be reading this during work hours, but I am not opposed to reading on my own time.  I had wanted to read it while I was on vacation, but I never could find the time.  Or when I thought it was a good time to read, the book was upstairs and I was downstairs or the book was at work and I was at home or vice-versa.  I eventually purchased the Kindle copy but haven't read it since then.  I have to read this with special care, taking notes, because I'll later review what I've learned with my mentor.

I have several other books downloaded to the Kindle that I haven't started.

I'm also carrying around the most recent issues of Parents and Architectural Digest, both in progress but going very slowly.

I haven't done a lot of chores lately because I have been running.  I guess the running's good.  I've been running 3-4 miles per run, mostly at night, lately every other night.  I've gotten 90 of my 100 mile goal completed, but I'm on day 52 instead of day 90, so that's cool.  I'm thinking about a goal of running every day in August.  I don't know if I will or not.  I'll have to see if I can get back in the habit of running in the middle of the day at work.

I am caught up with the recorded TV on the DVR, I think.  A bunch of Futuramas had piled up as well as the new season of Breaking Bad, but I'm nearly caught up.  Not a lot I'm watching on TV these days.  We are working our way through season one of Bones.

I have gotten some good work done outside in the yard.  I guess that counts for something.

I had a great weekend - we went to Gas Works Park for a family birthday party.  It was a really nice time, really great weather and it had been a long time since I'd been there.  Like decades.

Ok, I don't feel as bad, I guess I'm keeping on top of the important stuff.
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