Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reader's Digest -- August 2011

Selected articles from the August 2011 Reader's Digest that I though were worth passing on.  In a few cases, Reader's Digest didn't put the articles on their website (or Google couldn't find it) but I found other places that had the articles.  Not sure the links are legal and will probably be shut down before too long, but here they are anyhow.

In other news, Reader's Digest will be offering an iPad version of the magazine soon for only $14 a year.  Far cheaper than the $25-30 they want for renewals.  (Hint: Ignore renewal notices until they get desperate and send the $10/year renewal -- then cross out "1 year" and write in "5 years" and send them a check for $50.  They'll honor it and you'll get it at a great rate for a long time.)
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