Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Would Run 500 Miles

So I completed my last challenge, so now on to a bigger challenge.  If I can run 100 miles, why not run 500 miles?   What I realized tonight, though, is that I've only got a few months before the dark season - shorter days and rain.  

But yeah... 500 miles.   That's my new goal.  To do that in 300 days, that will require me to average 1-2/3 miles per day.  For my last challenge, I limited myself to full miles, even if I had extra necessary to get me back to where I started.  That is, even if I ran 3.2 miles, I'd only count 3.  Sometimes I'd stop and walk the last .2, but sometimes I'd run.  This time I'll count all the running that I do.

I will continue to limit pauses to the unavoidable.  No resting just because I'm tired.  Still need to buy new shoes.

I'm tracking this all using the RunKeeper App on my iPhone.   It's a great tool that uses GPS to track and map your runs.  And because it's keeping all that data, I can know things, like, for instance, that I've tracked 185 activities totalling 303 miles and as a result, have burned 39,497 calories in tracked activities.

Other interesting stats tell me that I've not completed any exercise on the 6th. of any month since I started keeping track, or that I've exercised the most on Saturdays and least on Friday.  And that the noon hour and 8 pm hour are my high marks.  Noon split between walking and running and 8 pm all running.

Eventually I'll get RunKeeper Elite - that adds more reporting and allows my wife to track me in realtime as I run.  Hopefully not something she'd really need, but it can help if she wants to figure out how long before I get home or something.
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