Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation, Day 1

We started the day with a tasty breakfast: a breakfast-sandwich with egg, sausage, cheese and pancakes.  Tasty.  Although not sure if that was overkill, considering lunch.  :)

The next was actually to be the Museum of Flight, but we got a late start and then the GPS led us to the closed South Park Bridge so we ended up just going back to the freeway and heading up to Seattle Center.  We found a little alley inside Seattle Center that has two hours of free parking.  

Rachel spent a lot of time inside the Lego exhibit at the Seattle Children's Museum.  The museum is OK, but it's not as well maintained as the one in Olympia.  Or as big.  But that didn't matter to the children, they had a lot of fun.  And so we had fun because it's fun watching them have fun.

Ben mostly just wanted to run around, or play with the water "table" (designed to look like a river, very cool) - including trying to climb in at least twice.  But he was just in a really good mood and told me several times "happy, happy."

For lunch, we headed up Aurora to Beth's Cafe.  Lori found out about this place - it's known for its 12-egg omelettes and  it's wall art - they bring you crayons and paper and you make drawings.  The walls are just covered with them.  All kinds of stuff.   Crazy, fun.  

I felt it wouldn't be right not to get one of their omelettes, but I had no interest in 12.  That's crazy.  I went with a 6-egg one with chili, cheese, sour cream.  I added bacon to mine - it was perfectly cooked thick bacon.  The whole thing lay on a bed of their "all you can eat" hashbrowns.   I ate the entire egg and a lot of the hashbrowns (I think I would ask them to be a little more crispy next time) and some of Rachel's french toast.  All, instead of toast, I asked for a muffin.  It was freshly cooked - it was still steaming and so hot and soft that I had to use a spoon to eat it.  Amazing.  I would totally recommend Beth's Cafe.  We only interacted with one of the staff, but he was really good, really responsive and really good with Rachel.  Maybe it was the Sirius 70s channel they were playing, but it felt like he had a 70s vibe to him as well.  Lori thought kind of an "Earth, Wind and Fire" type of vibe.  

Afterwards, we took a leisurely drive back down Aurora, enjoyed the view from the viaduct (it'll be sad when they tear it down, just for the views it affords) and then headed home.  We had considered whether or not to try to fit something else in but then thought "why?" We had a good day, the kids were in great spirits. 

Ben slept a little in the car on the way home, woke up as we were pulling into the drive and laid down as soon as we got home.  So we took an easy night watching Harry Potter.

The rest of our photos are here.  If you only see ones that don't include any people in them, that means you need to email me and ask me to send you an invite from Flickr.

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