Wednesday, August 03, 2011

120: Plink

Delvin's soft-soled shoes went "puhm puhm puhm" as he walked in front of the large store window.  And then  he heard the sounds.  "Plink, plink, plink"  At that same moment, three small holes appeared in the window.  Instinctively, he dropped to the ground and tried to peer into the store from the bottom of the window, but was blocked by signs for the latest sale.  A few seconds there was a kind of "scritch scritch scritch" that grew louder, closer and closer together until they were on top of each other.  And then "pop" and "whoosh".  He pulled his jacket over his head.  "Tink tink" it began.  He felt the pieces hit his jacket "pat pat" and then the "tink tink" too grew closer to and closer together, building to a deafening crescendo.  And then silence.  And "aaiiiieeeeeeeeee" of a woman screaming and a muttered "ugh" and a "slap" and then "ffft-ffff-ffff" of stuttered breath, but no more screaming.  Another "uh" and "clunk" of a heavy object being placed on a counter.  The "shick shick shick" of cash register keys pushed in rapid succession and the telltale "ding ding" and "zzzzzrt-shink" of the drawer sliding open and coins sliding around.  There was a low "ohhhh ohhh" and then the "frunk".  He couldn't tell if someone had been shot or maybe pistol-whipped, but they'd certainly just been kicked while they were down.  The "hoo hoo hoo" of soft-crying could be heard.  There was a "errr-unk" of the bill-weight being flipped up and the "flisk flisk flisk" of money being hurredly pulled from the register.  Then silence.  And then a "yeeee-aaaargh" of frustration, another "frunk" and another "ooooof."  What was this guy's deal, Delvin wondered?  Why kick him again?  He heard the "shash shash" of a paper bag and then "bom bom" of heavy steps.  Delvin quickly used his elbows to drag himself though the glass ("rask rask") towards the door.  Suddenly a cheerful "ding ding" and then a low "wrrrr" and then "bvvvvvvv" of the door sliding open.  In the distance, Delvin could hear the "wooOOOO woooOOOO" of sirens.  He looked up, saw the shadow and lunged forward.  There was a "klump," an uttered curse and then a juicy, sickening "whump" as the robber fell.  Delvin calmly knelt on the man's back and waited for the police.

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