Thursday, March 10, 2011


So at the start of the year, I made a series of resolutions.

  • I Will Dress for Success - I said I would dress professionally, no matter how my co-workers have. This is easy and yes I have. I counted up recently and I think I have 18 ties now, some I haven't even worn yet. I'm still introducing some new clothes I got for my birthday. Some great compliments on a very vibrant purple shirt and tie I wore today.
  • I Will Take More Photos - yeah, so far failing on that one.
  • I'm Going to Be in Better Shape - I'm at my maintenance weight of 150 (down from 190 back in August) but I need to be doing more to actually now improve my shape. More pushups, situps, strength training and yoga, I guess. My face is starting to get more angular which is cool, and oddly enough, I seem to be establishing a 4-o'clock shadow. (I'm blond so I can get away with shaving three times a week, but it seems like even as soon as I've finished shaving there's a barely perceptible shadow.) When the weather improves I'll start walking again.
  • I Will Learn to Tie a Tie - YES! Thank you, YouTube and MyNiceTie. I watched that video a few times and now I can do a basic knot no problem.
  • I Will Learn How to Put Chains on my Car - no. At least not yet. Ironically, it's been cold (and I've had a cold) so I've had no interest in being outside any more than absolutely necessary.
  • I Will Learn the Books of the Bible - wow, doing poorly on this. My six-year-old has been helping me, though. I need to get more serious about this.
  • I Will Read and Learn More - Eh. It's been slow going. I've had several books (I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Aetheist, Moby Dick, Poke the Box) in progress for too long. Mostly the City book I just finished - it took awhile to get through. I've probably been able to read for an hour a night 3-5 nights a week. It's been slow going. I also still have a big backlog of magazines.
  • I Will Write More Consistenty - I have fallen down on this. Argh.

I like how Erin from Unclutterer is trying small monthly resolutions. I like it because there's a shorter time-frame, fewer things to think of at once, and I'm guessing in some cases, she's turning them into habits she can carry on even as she moves on to new challenges.
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