Monday, March 07, 2011

What Is This?

The other morning there was some mysterious orange packets left in the coffee service bin. I was really curious and wanted to see if technology could help us figure out what it was. Sure, I am friends with some of the Korean speaking people on the second floor (forgive me - this writing is Korean, right? That was our collective best guess.) but I wanted to see if I could solve it all on my own.

So I tried all kinds of programs on the iPhone - image recognition, shopping programs, scanning programs, but nothing could identify it. So then we tried with Sam's Android, but in the end, still no luck. We theorized that it was a tea-like product, Amy suggested maybe peanut-based.

Looking at the photo, it looked like a mug-full. By this point, I was really really curious and figured there was a really good chance no one was pranking us or trying to kill us so I went and poured it into the mug I had used for oatmeal. It was powdery, with little bits of stuff in it. I added water until it had a mud-like consistency. Then I added some more water (since there was a lot in the picture) and then it just seemed really diluted. So I added a second packet. It had a good smell (a bit peanut-y) and a nice taste. Smooth, pleasant. Almost like honey nut cheerios ground to an absolutely fine powder. So yeah, drank it down, survived, still have no idea what it is.  (Kinda wondered if it was like a creamer for coffee, except that the packet was rather large, and those weird crunchy bits.)

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