Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come and See - An Invitation to Seekers

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Come and See - An Invitation to Seekers (John 1:35-51)
Message #2 of John: A Story to Believe
(Pastor Jeff MacLurg; Our Savior's Baptist Church, Federal Way, Wash.; Sunday, March 13, 2011. These are my sermon notes from attending the morning services, I pray that they will be accurate and you find them helpful.)

--- Jesus and Seekers ---

1. He arranges for "COINCIDENTAL" MEETINGS with God. (My observation: Pray for these - they are exciting!)

2. He REACHES OUT to you when you REACH OUT. (He'll meet you more than half way.)

3. He invites you to CHECK HIM OUT. (Take a "test drive.")

4. He gives you the TIME to respond to him. (He patient, but there will come a time when you'll be called to decide for yourself. Don't wait too long.)

5. He starts WHERE YOU ARE and moves you to WHERE HE WANTS YOU TO BE.

6. He fulfills MORE THAN YOU EVER EXPECTED TO FIND to find. (They were hoping for political salvation and they got so much more. It may not be fireworks or immediate changes to the situation you find yourself in, but it means that God is with you everywhere you are, every second of the day.)

--- How To Seek ---

1. Start WHERE YOU ARE and follow where the TRUTH LEADS YOU. (Where are you staying? This word for staying is used by John 40 times. This is referring their desire to understand where Jesus stands.)

2. Expect to be PRESSED TO EXPLORE your core issues. (what are you really searching for? Seeking?)

3. Take the time to HONESTLY CHECK OUT JESUS. (Discover what God is doing in your life.)

4. You will eventually discover that JESUS HAS been looking for you. (It's no coincidence you're reading this. If you think you're hearing God, don't be surprised, He's been calling out to you. Your friends aren't surprised either, they've been praying for you.)

--- About Seekers ---

1. Every seeker BEGINS SOMEWHERE.

2. Some respond SLOWLY; others ACCEPT CHRIST QUICKLY.

3. Not all WILL RESPOND to Jesus. (Even Jesus did not "win over" 100% of the people he spoke with.)

4. Genuine SEEKERS become EXCITED SHARERS. (Why people who accept Christ as adults are so much more willing to share? They've seen the resolution to their seeking, especially if they were seeking in the midst of a crisis. Is that what stops some people? The fear of what might be asked of you? If you catch a big fish, do you not get a photo taken? If you shoot a hole in one (not while skipping church) do you not tell everyone about it? How about a good sale? If a tsunami is approaching your town, do you run and tell everyone? God's offering you the longest life insurance policy, the only only cure to the WORLD'S worst danger: sin. Wouldn't you want to make sure everyone knows? Someone at work likes to quote what he attributes to atheist Penn Gillette - that a Christian who doesn't evangelize loudly and constantly is like someone who sees someone standing in front of a truck and doesn't warn him to get out of the way. See "ATHEISM: Penn Jillette urges evangelism")
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