Saturday, March 26, 2011

Avoided Statuses

I recently took a week off from posting on Facebook.  My blog posts still showed up regularly, so it didn't look completely empty.  I'd also be surprised if anyone is regularly visiting my page to see what's new with me.  I suspect most of the people I know are as busy as me and just see what shows up on the feed when they happen to check.

Anyhow, when I'd be struck with a status I wanted to post, I jotted them down into Evernote instead. And without further ado...

I've self-diagnosed: ADD/ADHD and possibly compulsive. But not obsessive. Definitely not obsessive. Not at all.

The worst part about forgetting your phone is that you can't post a status update about it.

Cool. Dude singing said "Youngsters wouldn't know the song." I'm young again!

Limited my day to a solid 3 hours answering emails. Received 263, sent 70.

C - I find your lack of understanding... disturbing.

Lori's plan for DST - set the clocks ahead 10 minutes every day for 6 days. Much less disruptive than changing a full hour all at once.

Best hour I've spent in a long time - with Ben sleeping in my arms while I rocked in the rocking chair in the dark.

I told my wife my cell phone was seeming to not be working right. She asked if I dropped it. I asked "Why, will that fix it?"

If there's a platter of brownies, the crumbs have no calories because someone's already counted the calories when they ate a full-size brownie.

Seriously, what is Melville on about? They require kids to read this? No wonder they're all graduating unable to read - this saps any desire.

Woo hoo. Five years back in Seattle today.

You know what really really sucks? Having a black and white job in a gray world.

Yeah, I've just been severely demotivated at work.

I don't care what people say... picking out all my clothes for the entire week was awesome. One less thing to have to think about. Huge time-saver.

Ok, yeah, why do people hold this up as a great book and force kids to read it? And where's the stupid whale already?

My wife is smart. She set the clocks ahead at 2 pm instead of 2 am. So we lost the hour in the afternoon instead of while we were sleeping.

Rachel just wasted an entire box of Cheerios looking for a toy. Hid the box and bag up on her top bunk hoping we couldn't find it. The attempts at deception are growing. (We can't find the toy and she swears she didn't find it either.)

Eight solid hours of instrumental music (movie scores, classical, random B-52 and Corrs tracks, etc.) is a pretty awesome and mellow complement to a lazy rainy Saturday.

Every successful bite of BBQ ribs is one bite closer to note walking around for the rest of the day at work with BBQ sauce on your clothes.
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