Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Sift 71-75

The Sift 71: Energy, Environment & Science

  • YellowPages Finally Launches Phone Book Opt-Out Website
  • India to Install Solar-Powered Cell Phone Towers this Year
  • Wikileaks Reveal that Saudi Arabia is Overstating Their Oil Reserves
  • 19-Year-Old makes Homemade Solar Death Ray
  • Portugese Scientists Create Water-Powered Paper Battery


The Sift 72: Architecture and Development

  • Then and Now: The Stunning Speed of Urban Development - plus cool additional links
  • Japan to Help India Build 24 Green Cities
  • BIG Unveils Eye-Popping West 57 Residential Tower Pyramid in NYC Today - more like eye-gouging
  • Weave Housing: Futuristic Prefabricated Apartment Concept For Denver, CO
  • How a 'Sputnik moment' built modern Seattle


The Sift 73: Cars

  • Fisker Karma Electric Car to Enter Production on March 21st
  • Nissan unveils sexy ESFLOW concept EV sports car
  • BMW Officially Announces "i" Brand For Electric Cars and Plug-Ins
  • Good, Better, Best: 3 Free iPhone Apps for Finding Cheap Gas
  • Rolls-Royce Unveils 102 EX Phantom Electric Vehicle at Geneva Auto Show


The Sift 74: Facebook

  • Facebook To Launch Third-Party Commenting Platform
  • What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Switch to iFrames
  • How Facebook Supported the Egyptian Revolution
  • Facebook Like Button Takes Over Share Button Functionality
  • Facebook Will Continue To Share User Addresses & Numbers


The Sift 75: Food, Health and Medicine

  • 10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make in a Coffee Maker
  • DontEat.At Warns You of Places Not To Eat In NYC
  • Eat Healthy and Cheaply with Smaller, More Frequent Meals
  • Harvard grads turn gym business model on its head; fitness plan members pay more if they don’t work out
  • 3D-Printed Skin Could Revolutionize Treatment for Burn Victims


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