Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fractional Ponies

So my almost-five-year-old is asking for a pony. Like any good father, I quickly run to another room, curl up in a ball and begin sobbing.

It's the pony request. And so young. Like fathers everywhere, I know my precious little one hasn't thought of the important pony-related issues like zoning, storage, maintenance, supplies and that when the eighty-pound Barkley went to a new home, I pledged my role as scooper of massive poops in the backyard was over. (Scary thought... What if HP sold ponies? The pony would have a lot of features you'd never use, but saddles and carts wouldn't be included. And don't get me started at how confusing it would be at FeedMax or FeedDepot trying to figure out which carrot and sugar-cube models would work with your pony - and the prices... *shudder*). Anyhow, I digress.

But, seriously, I had an idea. The medium-wealthy have NetJets (a Warren Buffet company) which is like timeshare for planes - your annual fee gets you so many flying hours on a staffed jet. Fee also goes to maintenance of the fleet.

Some farmer needs to create NetPonies. Fractional pony ownership for parents with dispensable income and no common sense. Parents who want to indulge their little girl without killing all the grass in their backyards.

Who's with me? I just need some seed and feed money to get started.
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