Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Mentalist and The Interrupting Crow

The show has kinda grown on me, but don't get why the guy's got such a death wish. Maybe he doesn't care because his wife and daughter are already dead? We have like most of the season on DVR. Ditto a few other shows like Dollhouse where we've only watched three episodes so far, but have the rest of the season and hear it gets better. And Castle where we've only seen two so far. Weird to watch old commercials, though. Well, we mostly skip commercials, of course.

Oh, we think a crow clubbed something to death on our roof at 6:30 am. Wasted an hour trying to look in the attic only to conclude that nothing was up there or had been. Finally went outside to see the massive winged killing machine still perched at the peak right above where our headboard is, working at a major bone probably as big as any in my hand. (The eastern side of the roof is only visible by climbing a tall tree or Google Maps' satellite view. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a dead caribou up there.)

Wii 42

BMI - 28.67; 189.2 pounds
Wii Fit Age: 44 (stupid walking test again)
10 yoga, 10 strength, 30 minutes free step (3,455), 10 minutes walking and 30 minutes exercise bike