Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Well, mostly just Bryan Cranston.  I find myself skipping scenes tonight that he's not in.  But, finally a shark-jumping cliche... trying to do something really important and his wife goes into labor.  Really?  How irritatingly pedestrian. 

Wii 40

BMI -28.8, 190.0 pounds, Wii Fit Age 32
10 yoga, 10 strength, 10 balance, 2x3 minute jogs, 30 minutes free step (3,749 steps)
15 minutes walking (1 mile) and 30 minutes exercise bike

Random interesting link: What is the largest organism? (Tangentially related, I guess, to something else I've been watching - History Channel's "Life After People")
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