Saturday, May 09, 2009

Walk FTW

This afternoon, I wanted Starbucks. Really wanted coffee, wanted to get out of the house, had a screamy baby and the car with the baby car seat in it was not around. So, I thought I'd put the baby in the stroller and walk. put that at 3.1 miles round trip with an extra errand thrown in.  I found a website that lists the Non-Fat Marble Mocha Macchiato Grande at 400(!!) calories.  But, the mapping website put my walk at 442 calories.  Walk For-The-Win.  Barely.

Was also a nice time with Ben.  He was laughing and chattering the whole time the stroller was in motion, and we spent a long time at Starbucks where he ate Puffs and Goldfish Grahams while I drank my coffee.  There were two Tacoma Police Officers next to us the entire time.  Hopefully that's not too strong an imprint.  If he becomes a cop, it all started here. It was a really nice use of several hours of such a beautiful afternoon.  Guess I need to take Ben on more walks since he seemed to enjoy it so much.

Oh, the feds seized my dad's bank yesterday (same as Washington Mutual - they didn't think it had the liquidity necessary) and sold it off to a competitor.  One that already has branches in all the same locations so dad thinks they'll close all the branches and fire all the employees.  He's pretty bummed (he had invested a lot and on paper, made and lost a real lot) but knows God will provide.
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